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The specific problems this project is aiming to tackle:

The Holocaust is connected with Jewish victims. The general public hardly knows about the Roma and Sinti genocide. Also governments in many European countries are reluctant in recognizing this tragedy and in compensating the Roma and Sinti victims. The ignorance and indifference of the majority concerning this dark chapter of Europe’s past reinforces ambivalence, prejudice and discrimination against Roma and Sinti in the present.

By connecting the experiences of the Nazi genocide on Roma and Sinti and the increasing hatred and racism against Roma and Sinti in present-day Europe, it becomes clear why they have to permanently take account of threats and persecutions.

The development of a Roma identity and the formation of their historical consciousness started very late and are still ongoing. As part of this process, the interpretation of the genocide on Roma and Sinti, its memories and events are being transformed from a narrow family or community consciousness to a collective Roma memory. The representation of Roma and Sinti, also in the field of Holocaust remembrance, education and research still needs to be enforced.