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11/05/13 - "Final Chord in Tilburg"
On Wednesday, October 30th we presented the 'Final Chord' of the Requiem for Auschwitz. Guest of honor at this special day was HRH Princess Beatrix.

10/18/12 - Requiem for Auschwitz goes Europe!
After the impressive performances of Requiem for Auschwitz on May 3 in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam and on May 4 in the Concert Hall in Tilburg, the requiem will now, as planned, tour Europe.

06/26/12 - Some performances of Requiem postponed
Due to organizational circumstances, the performance in Cracow is postponed to a date to be determined.

06/20/12 - Release DVD Amsterdam
The DVD of the impressive premiere of Requiem for Auschwitz in Amsterdam, along with the documentary "The Forgotten Holocaust", is now available.

05/15/12 - Photo impressions Amsterdam and Tilburg
Under the header 'Links' in the programs of Amsterdam and Tilburg on the right, you will now find a beautiful selection of photos.

05/10/12 - Digital Exhibition ‘Forgotten Genocide’
The Digital Exhibition ‘Forgotten Genocide’ has launched.